Endocrinology Research and Practice
Review Article

Current Diabetes Technology and its Challenges


School of Biosciences, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, MALAYSIA


Centre for Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology (CDDMP), Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, MALAYSIA

Endocrinol Res Pract 2022; 26: 38-47
DOI: 10.25179/tjem.2021-86517
Read: 4473 Downloads: 906 Published: 01 March 2022


The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. With no cure available, effective disease management is the best way to control disease progression. Studies have shown that diabetes technology helps to improve health outcomes and the quality of life of the patients. Diabetes technology can be defined as any solution encompassing hardware, devices, and software used in the disease management of patients. This review serves as an introduction to diabetes mellitus by discussing the different categories of well-established diabetes technology, related ongoing research, and its challenges. This review is divided into 3 main categories, insulin administration, glucose monitoring, and hybrid devices that combine the 2 categories into one. Digital health application is also discussed as it is becoming a notable tool in the disease management of diabetes. Widespread use of these devices in disease management has been increasing in recent years. However, there are still barriers that prevent the utilization of the full potential of these devices.



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